Quality Assurance

Our Company deals Seafood with Ease and Quality, which is, perhaps the single most important word for any person dealing with Seafood. Realizing this, we have adopted modern methods of handling, processing besides, adequate quality control measures to improve the quality of Sea food. All the products have it’s own maintained quality.

Quality is the core strength of our business. We have Quality Control staffs who are employed by our organization to check and inspect each and every consignment. We regularly inspect our orders at various stages of the production and a final inspection is made before loading onto the container. There is absolutely no room for complacency in the area of our operations.

With the change in business dynamics we ensure that communication between us and our customers is always up-to-date with latest technological standards.

As a group, we lay immense stress on quality. At all our levels, we ensure our quality standards are absolutely the highest. Our quality assurance process begins almost as soon as an order is placed. This includes:

Raw Material Checking

Thorough physical inspection is done at the initial stage itself, where all materials that come in are checked using strict parameters.

Regular Inspection

As quality of the seafood is our first priority, we check quality, weight, size, glazing, packing, labelling etc prior to shipment and also during production as required by our customers.

1.Finished Product Inspection

Once production is completed, an intense observation is done so that our products meet all quality standards. All of our QA Personnel are well familiar with the current ECC, FDA, AQIS, BRC, IFS, HACCP, Codex Alimentarius and SABS guidelines. All our packers are either HACCP or EU approved units with either BRC or IFS or even ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFICATION.

2.Final Inspection

We conduct final inspection with our experienced staff when the container is loaded just to ensure our commitment to excellence, so that the highest standard of quality is maintained. Timely shipment and proper documentation are also taken care of.

Quality Assurance Report

A Quality Assurance Report is created by our quality control personnel. This comprises of digital photographs taken at each step during the process, till the time cartons are stacked on to the container. A final pre-shipment inspection report is made with a loading survey.

In short we provide the service that you are exactly looking for. We keep ourĀ “Buyers interest first”. And we guarantee you the best of seafood at the best price.